Goji Berry Nutrition

single goji bery

The GOJI BERRY (AKA Wolfberry and Lycium Barbarum) has its roots embedded deep in beautiful Asia.

It was recently discovered that the GOJI BERRY could be easily grown and thrive in zones 5-9. The Maple Brook Goji Orchard is located in Zone 6 in the heart of Illinois.

It is said that the GOJI BERRY can boost the immune system, protect against cancer, protect against heart disease, boost men’s testosterone levels and increase your life expectancy. The nutritional value of this tasteful berry is still in dispute but here’s what we DO know:

  • They’ve been used in Chinese medicine for over 6000 years
  • A 1/4 cup serving contains
    • 90 calories
    • 4 grams of protein
    • 4 grams of dietary fiber
    • Contains 180 percent of your daily value of vitamin A
    • Contains 15 percent of the daily value of iron
  • The GOJI BERRY contains 11 essential and 7 non-essential amino acids
  • Widely considered a “Superfruit” or “Superfood”
  • High Antioxidant content


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