It can’t ALL be about the work. DIY Frisbee golf baskets for the homestead

When it's time to get off the mower, put down the watering can and take off the work boots what do you do for fun around the homestead? Leave us your comments below. The kids and I really enjoy tossing around the Frisbee so we thought that Frisbee golf around the yard would be fun! [...]

Where are your favorite homestead resting spots?

We've all been there, you're out working the land and you need to take a break or the sun is getting ready to set so you walk to your "sunset watching" place or you brew your morning coffee and take the fresh, hot goodness to your favorite "sunrise watching" spot. Whether in a city or [...]

Staying healthy to work the homestead

Some might say that working the homestead keeps them healthy. I might agree with that. But I also believe that a little supplemental workout will provide numerous benefits to HELP you work the homestead. For me, that "extra' workout comes in the form of yoga. I don't get into the spiritual side of the practice [...]