Where are your favorite homestead resting spots?

We've all been there, you're out working the land and you need to take a break or the sun is getting ready to set so you walk to your "sunset watching" place or you brew your morning coffee and take the fresh, hot goodness to your favorite "sunrise watching" spot. Whether in a city or [...]

Do you ever just stumble into free stuff? I ended up with a pile of mulch the size of my truck! What to do with all of it?

A fellow volunteer firefighter works at a tree service. I asked him what he did with all of that mulch from the tree trimmings and it turns out that they have to PAY to dump it! Well you know what I asked next! Once his boss signed off, I had a heaping, steaming pile of [...]

Working a 5 Acre Homestead with a Garden Tractor…

Of course it CAN be done! But it CAN be grueling too! Mowing? Not a problem! I love to mow. It's the loading of the trailer by hand, not having enough power to pull stuff, not having a bucket to scoop "dirt and thangs", not having a three point hitch for, well, whatever I want. [...]

When you don’t have money for the proper equipment? Improvise! A workaround disc harrow/tiller/cultivator idea

I have a, small but too big to till by hand, part of the homestead I needed to plant some buckwheat on and needed a way to rough up the ground a little. Anthony Lank, from a Facebook group I belong to got me started down this path. Check this out: I took a 4x4 [...]

Build an Inexpensive, Repurposed, Trampoline Frame Greenhouse

I wish I could take full credit for the trampoline greenhouse but this idea has been floating around the Net for quite some time. It's too warm to put the plastic on right now but I got a great deal on 200 ft of 4 mil plastic sheeting (Facebook Marketplace)! I know it will only [...]