It can’t ALL be about the work. DIY Frisbee golf baskets for the homestead

When it’s time to get off the mower, put down the watering can and take off the work boots what do you do for fun around the homestead? Leave us your comments below.

The kids and I really enjoy tossing around the Frisbee so we thought that Frisbee golf around the yard would be fun! That is, until we priced the Frisbee golf baskets. Wow! Those are ridiculously priced! I could certainly make them for much less money. Challenge accepted!

The total cost, minus the few items I had laying around, came to $60 so final cost may vary. This is just to give you an idea…

Parts list

  • 8 buckets (use 4 buckets to save money and cut the “rim” off your foundation bucket to use for the top of the unit)
  • 4 – 2″x5′ PVC
  • Two bags of concrete mix
  • 1 round, plastic trash can (4 would be better so you could use the bottoms as the basket but you can get creative and cut 4 pieces from one)
  • Multiple metal rods (came from an old trampoline net frame)

Gather your supplies. After I took this picture my design changed slightly. I added a 32 gallon trashcan to the list to make the baskets.

DIY Frisbee Golf Basket Supplies

Mix your concrete and set the PVC’s as straight as you can. img_2642

Let concrete dry overnight


Use a reciprocating saw to cut the rim off the extra buckets. OR if you’re only using 4 buckets make sure you cut the rims off the foundation buckets before setting the PVC. This will be the very top of the unit.


I used small metal rods I had laying around to connect the “rim” to the PVC. Drill 4 holes in the rim (Shown above) so the rods cross in the center and then line it up and drill the PVC


This could have been done a little better but I used some wire wrapped around the metal rod to stop the top of the chain from moving toward the center. I wrapped the other end under the rim and around the rod protruding on the outside of the rim


I didn’t get pictures of cutting up and installing the trashcan. I basically have one metal rod on the topside of the (trashcan) “basket” and a long 1/2″ PVC on the underside that was drilled and placed through the PVC center piece to keep the basket from moving around. Attached the chains with some wire so they don’t fly all over


You COULD use four trashcan bottoms to make the baskets but I opted to use one for all four units. That meant that three of the four would NOT have a bottom to the basket. I used metal rods again to stop the Frisbee’s from falling through


What you have at the end is a fine piece of redneck ingenuity! I ran out of chain so I used old tire chains so we could play that afternoon. Works great!img_2658

Nathan lets one fly!!!!!

Nathan throws frisbee

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