Where are your favorite homestead resting spots?

We’ve all been there, you’re out working the land and you need to take a break or the sun is getting ready to set so you walk to your “sunset watching” place or you brew your morning coffee and take the fresh, hot goodness to your favorite “sunrise watching” spot. Whether in a city or in the country, a peaceful place with a good view is priceless in this day of constant stimulation!

I’ve created a few peaceful resting spots since we’ve been at Maple Brook and I enjoy every last one of them! Of course, some spots are better in the morning and others are better in the heat of the afternoon. It just depends on where the sun is in the vast sky.

Early morning to mid-morning spots

The swing at the end of the garden is a nice mid-morning place to stop what I’m doing and sit back to enjoy the chickens and garden.

Yes, that’s my chair on the picnic table. I put it up there in the morning, watch the sun and drink coffee. This is a good evening spot too!

Sunset from picnic table

The greenhouse is an “anytime spot”. This is the morning sun peaking through the tree

View from Greenhouse

Mid-morning to early afternoon spots

The east side of the brook has great shade in the afternoon so that’s where I keep the hammock. The bridge is nice to chill out on too.

DIY bridge

The teak rocking chairs on the front porch are always a simple spot

Front porch and teak rocking chairs

Yeah, it’s a deer stand but I think of it more like a “crow’s nest”, you know the bucket at the top of a ship to spot land?

Deer stand

Who can forget the swings? I say that I put them up for the kids but I think I use them more than they do…

Tree Swings

Tree swings

Early afternoon to evening spots

Nothing like spending an evening outside taking it all in. Especially when wrapping up your work as the sun begins to set. I’ve spent numerous evenings talking with my wife or daughter or son or all of them on this trampoline. Priceless!

Trampoline sunset

I KNOW my fellow homesteaders love their scenic views so I would LOVE to see them!! Please share!

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