Working a 5 Acre Homestead with a Garden Tractor…

img_2464Of course it CAN be done! But it CAN be grueling too! Mowing? Not a problem! I love to mow. It’s the loading of the trailer by hand, not having enough power to pull stuff, not having a bucket to scoop “dirt and thangs”, not having a three point hitch for, well, whatever I want.

With THAT being said, I AM thankful to be healthy enough to do that work with a garden tractor and I’m thankful to HAVE a garden tractor! I putt around on that thing constantly! I’m trying to make it last as long as I can too. I’ve replaced the starter, tie rod, I air up the front left tire every two weeks, should have replaced the muffler but I just deal with the noise and the steering wheel fell off! I was in the middle of mowing when THAT happened so I found an old dog dish in my shed and used some redneck ingenuity! Works great! I call THAT “repurposing”. I had to spray paint it black when I pulled out of the shed and the sun reflected off the metal and blinded me!


For the most part, the garden tractor let’s me do what I need to do.

Yard Cart

Oh the stuff I’ve lugged around with this guy! Mulch, tools, plants, logs, dogs, kids and Halloween decorations.

Yard Cart

Yard Sweeping

This is a must for maintaining a sizable compost pile and adding grass clippings to the garden to maintain control over the weeds

Yard Sweeper

Water Hauling

This is a great addition! I have a 450 gallon water tank collecting rain water from the house but the house is too far away from the garden to be practical. This water tank has saved me big time! I use a 12 volt battery to power it and charge the battery via solar panel when I’m done.

Water tank/Sprayer

Tilling/Cultivating (With my crazy awesome homemade tiller)

homemade disc harrow , cultivator, tiller

Soil/gravel grader

If you’re thinking, “Shouldn’t that blade be on the front of the garden tractor?”, the answer is, “well, if it still worked there, yes, but I rigged it to work on the back. What’s the problem?”

Craftsman GT6000 snow blade used as a grader

I would love to say, “No job is too big for MY garden tractor” but there are certainly plenty of jobs I COULD be doing faster and easier with a sub-compact! But until then I’ll make do and I’ll get creative! I still love my Craftsman GT6000 with a dog dish steering wheel!

6 thoughts on “Working a 5 Acre Homestead with a Garden Tractor…

  1. Still looks labor-intensive! Beautiful land – I live in the desert, so green is soothing…
    There is such a peace & return from land when worked up close n personal. So glad you have the strength & the inclination to go one-on-one with it. Many of today’s difficulties sustain (in my thinking) from our separation with Mother Earth. Keep up the great work! Carol 🙂

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