Staying healthy to work the homestead

Some might say that working the homestead keeps them healthy. I might agree with that. But I also believe that a little supplemental workout will provide numerous benefits to HELP you work the homestead.

For me, that “extra’ workout comes in the form of yoga. I don’t get into the spiritual side of the practice but yoga DOES help your body with:

  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Stress relief
  • Stretching
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Breathing
  • Balance

ALL of these things can help you on the homestead!

I often find myself out in one of a few locations around the yard watching a beautiful sunset doing some yoga stretches as I take in the awesomeness of the brilliant sky!

My favorite yoga spots:

The Bridge:


The bridge, with its sloped ends adds a little extra challenge for planks and warrior poses.

The Stepping Stones in the Brook


This is REALLY fun when the water is flowing! I’ve only lost my balance and stepped into the water once. I laughed though, it was hilarious. Luckily nobody is around that can watch me look like the Kung Fu Master that I am clearly NOT. Despite my imbalance that one time these stones help immensely for balance poses! There’s more at stake than just putting your foot down on carpet!

Finally, My Man Cave

Man Cave

In the evening I dim the lights, have Alexa change the color to whatever mood I’m feeling, get the yoga mat out and put the DVD in. This helps me work out longer because if I did a yoga sequence by myself I would probably fly through it, not reaping the many benefits! I’ve been really enjoying YogaBoost and YogaEdge by This is a great yoga workout for men without all the spiritual stuff. Dean, the instructor gives alternative poses for those that aren’t that flexible.

Anyway, whatever exercise you choose to do outside of your normal homestead work make sure you’re doing strength exercises for the lower body especially. I can’t express how much this has improved my life and my knees! Everyone wants to work on their upper body but the lower body is SOOOOO important to keep strong. This helps prevent so many injuries!

Well, I hope this has inspired you to add exercise to your already tiresome homesteading day because I believe that a stronger body will make a better homesteader!

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