Build an Inexpensive, Repurposed, Trampoline Frame Greenhouse

Trampoline converted to a greenhouse

I wish I could take full credit for the trampoline greenhouse but this idea has been floating around the Net for quite some time.

It’s too warm to put the plastic on right now but I got a great deal on 200 ft of 4 mil plastic sheeting (Facebook Marketplace)! I know it will only last a year but I have enough of it at a low cost to last me a few years at least!

For all of you DIYers this IS a great way to build a cheap greenhouse! Here’s how I did it:

  1. Find a trampoline frame! I found mine on Facebook Marketplace for FREE. I even got the netting and used it for the chicken coop to provide some shade for the ladies.
  2. Take it apart so you have the two halves (The arches). I chose not to use the frame legs for the greenhouse but I’m sure someone with more creativity than I could use them as part of the blueprint.
  3. Connect the “spine” using a long metal pipe or board (the tip top of the arch should have female parts sticking out to accept the leg pieces. I had an old pipe sitting around that fit into each end so I used it)
  4. Use U bolts to connect boards to the bottoms of each arch in order to attach the two arches together. If your trampoline structure is like mine each arch will have ONE female piece protruding that you can connect the board to. the other arch will not have it so connect the U bolt to the end of the pipe. You’ll need to drill holes in the board to fit the U bolt into.
  5. Do the same for the mid-way section between the bottom and the top of the arch.
  6. For the door, I screwed the boards to the slots in the arch pieces where the springs fit into to hold the mesh in place. I was surprised at how good this worked out!
  7. From here, your structure should be taking shape. You’ll need to frame in a door and maybe a window for venting.
  8. Be sure to anchor the structure down. I used some fence posts and rope on all four corners.

Rough sketch

Notice below that I used some white aluminum poles ( 2 on the left side and one on the right) to brace the the middle board to the bottom board.

Greenhouse structure
Greenhouse structure

Another view of the braces

Shading the greenhouse

The “Spine”. Notice the referenced “female protrusions”. I wasn’t sure what else to call it…

Greenhouse spine

U Bolt examples


Heather, a fellow blogger, has a great article and pictures on converting a trampoline into a greenhouse here


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